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Rating Criteria

┃Awards Setting

Our rating system point is 10 points, we have corresponding color tags with different points of wine.

Attribute pointDescriptionTagNotes
9 - 10An exceptional wine of excellent quality with profound complexity, and worth to spend time and effort to seek.Gold TagExcellent quality
8 - 8.9An outstanding wine with complexity, character and specialty.Silver TagMost of them are good value.
7 - 7.9A good to very good wine with showing typicality, character and terroir, but missing complexity and structure.
6 - 6.9A fair to good wine of easy drinking quality with reasonable price, suitable for daily consumption.Purple Tag
5 - 5.9A poor to fair wine of acceptable quality, won’t hurt to drink occasionally.Can fit in massive consumption.
3 - 4.9A poor wine of obvious default, plain or unpleasant character.Not recommend to purchase.
<3A defective wine of no character.

1. We will select “the best cost performance”for Chinese market each year with sticking a red tag. Below conditions are required:

1)Retail price in Chinese market is below 200RMB.(Measured by the price in registration forms.)

2)The point is above 7 (including 7) points.

2. We organize consumers to taste wines above 6 (including 6) points to select “The Consumer Best Value Wines”, and announce the results in public.

┃Rating Requirements

1. Must be a commercially available wine for sale.

2. Participating wines must be partially fermented or fully fermented with fresh grapes.

3. Wine label or name must not contain any infringement of intellectual property rights and trademark law.

4. Wines sold on the Chinese market must have valid sanitary permits issued by the Chinese government.

┃Sample Delivery

1. Quantity: 6 bottles of wine for each evaluation, the capacity should be 750ml / bottle, (evaluation of wine may undergo two rounds of review, spare wine to prevent damage to the wine when the replacement).

2. Samples must be packaged to ensure that the origin of filling, the label must comply with the relevant provisions of China Customs.

3. All wine samples are not refunded once they are submitted (except for cancellation), and the remaining wine samples are processed by Winevaluator.

4. Evaluation of wine samples should be required in the specified time, and sent to the dedicated location. Any expenses incurred during the period shall be paid by the participant.

┃Participation Fee

Wine Rating Fee: 500 RMB / unit (through mainland China)

$100 / unit (outside mainland China, you can contact our account manager for details)

Payment method:

1. Bank transfer: please according as the time and account signed by agreement.

2. Online payment, online payment directly on the website.


1. each single submission needs to provide 6 bottles of sample wine.

2. imported wine need to assume their own logistics costs and tariffs. (Please contact our client manager for more information)

Payment: bank transfer

(A) Within mainland China

Account Name: Shanghai Winevaluator Co., Ltd

Bank: China Merchants Bank Limited by Share Ltd Changde Shanghai branch

Bank account: 121921975010901

(B)Oversea / If You Are Holding Oversea Bank Account:

Account Name:Shanghai Winevaluator Co.,Ltd

Account Num:121921975032201


Bank Name:China Merchants Bank H.O. ShenZhen

Bank Address:China Merchants Bank Tower NO.7088 Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen, China


1. Fill all the required information in the application form, and you should be sent to us through e-mail or fax

2. the sample box should be attached with the application form, including sender name and address information, etc.

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