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┃Tasting method

The China Rating System for Global Wine uses the Blind Assessment. The judges will only be informed about the grape variety/varieties. They set up the wine judge criteria without further information about producer, price, prestige, etc. Those ensure the least impact of biased confirmation. All wine entries will be graded according to the grape variety group number to group as a unit to accept the judges of the tasting and scoring, and finally after each group of judges get the final score of each wine. Judging panel will be seven well-known wine tasting professionals in order to draw a line with the Chinese market and the results of international standards. The judges were informed of the wines that were judged after the tasting was completed. The evaluation will take place over a three-day period and the results will be published one week later. All ratings will be recorded and posted at

┃Storage condition

In order to avoid any deviation of the wine’s character and aroma, we specifically select the storage place, under strict control conditions. All kinds of wine are stored carefully at the most suitable temperature.

┃Rating Search

Each of the wines that have been rated are linked to our official website and can be scanned through the dedicated QR code on our tags information such as the origin, history, comment, tasting note, etc. of the wines can be shown. When consumers do not know what kind of wine to purchase for themselves, or what kind of is their own taste of wine, you can also scan the QR code in order for consumers avoid purchasing non suitable wines.

We only issue scored tags based on yield for certified wines, and our anti-counterfeit on the tags can effectively prevent consumers from purchasing inferior fake wines and give consumers the assurance of purchasing safe products. When consumers want to buy this wine but do not know the product information, you can also scan the QR code, connected to the corresponding supplier for direct purchase.

┃Rating System Promotion

1. Super Wine Exhibition: July 2017, jointly organized by Shanghai WinEvaluator and Golden Shanghai commercial exhibition co.

2. International wine roadshow: Winevaluator will hold a nationwide tour with the help from the local wine industry association, to establish close connection with local traders, including wine enthusiasts and consumers.

3. Media and Internet publicity: WinEvaluator official website and WeChat account; professional wine media (press media, network media, mass media, new media) communication; mass media and fashion media; many Wine e-commerce platforms (such as Jingdong and /Yesmywine) Wine social platform (such as Dr.Wine).

4. Professional judges media platform and wine training platform advertisement: rated by wine experts from around the world , scoring results in the well-known judges on the processional platform to obtain recognition.

┃Rating Control

1. By the China Food Industry Association and the China wine expert committee, the evaluation committee has the right to interpret and handle possible disputes.

2. The evaluation committee has the right to inspect the rated product through analysis and inspection, and the right to make other necessary instructions.

┃Registration Method

Online registration: Please visit our official website

Offline registration: Telephone: +86-21-52659996


Applicant must fill all the required information in the application form. All information must be correct and valid.

WinEvaluator has right the to publish all information that applicant sent.

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