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About Us

Winevaluator founded in 2016, authorized and supported by China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA) and China Wine Top Committee. The aim is to launch The China Rating System for Global Wine to Chinese wine market.

The China Rating System for Global Wine is based on the Chinese wine consumers drinking trend and cuisines culture. It is tally with Chinese demand and tasting favor after survey and research that we figured out. This well-documented system will provide a purchase references that allows meeting Chinese tastes and afford ability when they buy wine. The further goal of this system is enhancing Chinese consumers' wine perceptibility and knowledge, lead Chinese wine has more communication with world. Finally, this system is a tool to seek a way to get China wine industry faster and better development.

As a professional international wine culture communication platform, Winevaluator is cooperating with varieties of wine regions and associations, producer and distributors. We introduce high-quality wines to Chinese consumers through organization exhibitions, wine tasting and wine festivals. We also have wine education and master classes, all of these for help and lead Chinese wine business run into a healthier development track.

The expectations through our efforts is to help wine producers and traders to better understand the Chinese wine market and consumers, and ultimately achieve the norms of the Chinese wine industry and a healthy development.

Company Vision

Establish professional global wine rating system in China with Chinese characteristics.

Company Mission

To built up an international Wine professional communication platform, to aid wineries and importers to better understand China consumer market. The finally target is achieve Chinese wine industry get criterion and healthy development.

Contact Us

Telephone:+8621 52659996