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China wine rating

China Wine Rating for Global Wine

What we do

Where we invite vineyards/wineries from around the world to come and participate.
During our tasting events the participating wines are evaluated and rated out of 10 by our expert jury team.

How you can benefit

  • Your participating wines will be display on our platform.
  • After each rating, we can provide our WinEvaluator tags which can be used and marketed in China.
  • Then we make a repertory of all the participating wines with our network, that will be sent to Chinese traders in different regions with the help of China National Food Industry Association.
  • Participating in both China Wine Rating + Exhibition can enjoy 15% off on exbibition fee.
  • The badge can also be used to convince Chinese traders to import your products. As well as, final consumer to purchase your wine in China.

Participation fee

We only charge a small fee for the participating wines in order to cover the tasting event’s cost.

Payment from China: RMB500 / Label (S.K.U)

Payment from oversea: USD 100 / Label (S.K.U)   /   EUR 95 / Label (S.K.U)

* For every Label S.K.U, require 6 bottles of wine samples for our rating

Our next China rating event deadline

Do not miss this opportunity to bring up recognition of your wines in the market through our platform and rating system to the consumers.

Sample shipment deadline to our warehouse

April 30th 2017

Participation procedure

  • Fill up and submit our China Wine Rating participating form  Here
  • An confirmation email will be sent by our Account Manager
  • Ensure Payment
  • Send us your participating wines
  • If you have any questions or problem feel free to contact us

Contact Us

Telephone:+8621 52659996